Freelance Photography Checklist for Beginners

Amy Robinson

The trials and tribulations of our guest writer Amy Robinson in the freelance photography game. Amy speaks about everything from a portfolio to some neat tricks and tips about gaining work, hell she even gives away Roboto secrets about invoicing in there

The importance of professional photography

Amy Robinson

In this article, Amy breaks down the phycology behind what makes a person trust a company, the power of professional photos and the affects of using those within your brand messaging. She even bangs on about SEO for a bit, and the effects a good photo can have if you've set the ability to crawl them

New york minute

Jonathan Alford

You might have noticed Roboto Studio being a little quiet lately, yes I know, scary. Well guess what, new site, new look, same smooth operators. Read about why we did it, what we used, and what we get frustrated about in the web world. So much teenage angst contained in there...