We need to talk about VR

Let’s take a cynical outlook on all the future VR/AR. Are you ready?

If you’re one of the poor schmucks that bought into the Vive/Oculus, how are you finding one of the 5 games available? Yes I know ‘Peter pedantic‘ is going to pipe up now and tell me there’s a fruitful selection of 200+ great VR games on Steam. Well let me shift the goal posts Peter: ‘How many finished games are there?’

With VR having a blatant failure trying to capture the hearts and souls of gamers around the world, not to mention the fact Facebook took a crack at locking down the system. Where does this leave us? With mobile.

I have to say, mobile VR seems a lot more appealing to me. No wires, no super computer specs, and best of all, it’s not a huge strain on your wallet. The issue I feel that taints the system, is the geek factor. It’s a strange paradigm, where the acceptance of staring at video series after video series is a norm. Shift this field to a VR game for the same amount of time, and expect somebody to tell you, you need serious help.

I think the social perspective of VR will gradually diminish with Facebooks’ attempt to integrate VR into meetings, and video chats. On top of this, the second that we realise that Instagram friendly dog filter, is technically a primitive technique with AR, the further we move away from associating it with basement dwellers.