Pushing for the perfect stack

You’ve probably encountered this issue as a Developer, or a Designer, hell I imagine pretty much every industry encounters this problem at some point. Refinement. How do you become that little bit more efficient, how do you achieve the next goal you want to push for as a company, or a human being.

Well if I could summarise a perfect answer to the previous question, I wouldn’t be writing this article, I’d be on a Yacht somewhere out in Hawaii. But what I can do is give you a bunch of anecdotal advice that doesn’t really amount to much.

I’ll let you in on a secret, our stack at Roboto Studio was developed out of inefficiency. Not inefficiency with our own development, but the web around us. When we go to buy some brand new Ultra Stretch, Dry Ex, Ankle Length Trousers from the latest and greatest online outlet, we want to be able to click and buy in the fastest way possible. Forget to order the item and get distracted by cat pics? We want to get emailed a disbanded basket notification with a one click purchase option. If you’re not going to make it easy for me to purchase, I’m not going to buy. Do you know what else, if you make this experience tedious, thousands of others will not purchase either.

Boy, gee willikers, I wish you had some metric to back this up

Well let me tell you something, pound for pound, year after year, email has been by a considerable amount, the highest ROI for Marketers.

Before you realise I’ve gone further off path than my imaginary yacht, I’d like to return to where this matters: building the perfect stack. Find your niche, find what you or your client values the most out of all your services and tailor your stack around it. What do we tailor around? Blazing optimisation, usability and as many as possible tiresome tasks converted to set and forget work processes handled by integrations.

If you want to know a little more about the tools we use, drop us a message. As of the time this document goes out we are building with WordPress, Hugo, React Native and Gulp/Webpack to sandwich that all together. If you want a breakdown of how and why (or even what it all means) we’d be happy to have a chat over a coffee.