Getting the most out of social pt1

So as a preface, this blog will be covering Social and SEO, possibly the two most important platforms to get right when building your startup

A foreword on SEO

Let’s start by dispelling a myth I’ve seen regarding SEO + Social Media right from the horses mouth, the horse being Google’s webmaster tools.


Yes it might be 7 years old, but this gets brought up so commonly, I thought it may be worth mentioning. Despite the fact <a> (that’s hyperlinks for all you gramps out there) contain a no-follow attribute when linking your website from Facebook or Twitter. This doesn’t mean that overall your social media’s performance isn’t taken into account with Google ranking. What does this mean? Well it means you’ve got to be a social Syril and post frequent and relevant information.

Multi-tasking less (work) is more

If you’re like me and like the set and somewhat forget option, you’ll be wondering “How can I do the most minimal effort and reap the most reward”. Well let me tell you about my method. I am aware I won’t be winning any creativity awards, but this is the quick and dirty method.

We personally use Feedly combined with Buffer, a single news feed with relevant articles (after a little tailoring). If you’re planning on becoming the next Kendall Jenner, sign up your feed to Vogue, WhowhatwearCosmopolitan and start using their churn-alism to your advantage.

Here’s the clever stuff, once you’ve started adding some publications content to your news feed, you’ll start receiving recommendations on the side. Now you don’t even have to source your own media to take from, just keep adding to the selection here:

Social hacking with feedly


So lets get to the part where we start actually posting on your social media, check this buffer extension out. So basically, sign up to buffer and download the extension and sign in on both. Now it’s go time. You want to now click these links from feedly, check the site out (make sure there’s nothing controversial) then press the buffer extension and add some minor (read: a line and some hashtags) content to it.


Pro tip: make sure to add one of the suggested photos as larger screen real estate increases engagement (Admittedly this is about square videos but the same theory still applies)

Let’s get lazier

Ok, so you’ve figured how to automatically post through social media on a multitude of platforms, lets keep going and take this to the Nth degree. Now we’re going to learn how to post from your blog to all your social media channels at once (hell you’re probably reading this due to it). So I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re using a CMS, whether it be Shopify Craft or WordPress. If you’re not, skip ahead.

So let’s start with the plugins for each:


We’re going to cover 3 Shopify plugins (well at one stage 2 were plugins) here, one that adds your blog posts to Twitter and Pinterest, one that allows for easy shop integration to Facebook and finally one that lets you directly respond to customers via Facebook

What’s incredible about this app is the fact that it takes all the pain out of having to post your content via buffer on all the platforms of your choice (except Facebook due to a recent ToC change). This means that instantaneously (when configured) it will push content the second you press post on your blog. Nice and easy

This is a recent inclusion as now Facebook messenger can be natively integrated within Shopify, this is an awesome method of customer retention and keeping the user informed. It also allows for automated posts when a purchase is confirmed, dispatched and delivered, all under one roof. If you’re not using this already, you want to give us a call.

Again as with the previous plugin (yes I’m aware it’s native now), you can directly sell products through Facebook through both adverts and on your Facebook page. How cool is that



Ok for WordPress there is a ton, and quite frankly, I’ve already written about it. So check it out here.

Jetpack by

So to cover all bases, I am simply suggesting installing Jetpack, it’s a swiss army knife of a plugin, it also probably does things that you didn’t even know you wanted until now, the functionality you are looking for is called “Publicise” and it allows you to publish your content to both Facebook and Twitter.


Finally, the less loved cousin of the pack.

This requires a bit more setting up, but an interesting method of handling your new posts. Rather than directly sending out your post upon publish, it instead, adds it to your buffer stack of upcoming social posts. Neat, right. So now we’ve got a plugin that synchronises with your entire stack of social apps.

End of part one

This article doesn’t cover everything I would like to include, but for fear of rambling on like a disgruntled Buzzfeed writer, I’m going to stop and keep you updated soon, with getting the most out of social media pt2. See you Space Cowboy 🤠