Guess where we got featured... Gatsby!

The Roboto Team

1 mins read

The year 2020 is going pretty good so far, another one of our sites is being showcased on the Forestry showcase page (Pharmaseal we're looking at you) and we've had no end of opportunity to work with incredible startups and SEO strategists.

...But to top this off, we were not just showcased on Gatsby.js, but we also got featured too. We are absolutely over the moon, and needless to say, we can't shut up about just how good Gatsby is for building fast, SEO rich & tailored systems.

So far off to a wicked 2020, and a massive shout out to our close friends @wearemarketable.

If you're interested in reading anymore about JAMstack & Gatsby, you might want to check out our post where we discuss the future of the web.

- Take us away Leo

Gatsby Cheers