My First Website - The laymens guide

The Roboto Team

2 mins read

Everybody has a different answer to this question: "What's the best way to make a website in 20XX" - but mines going to be short succinct, and highly opinionated. Take everything I say with a pinch of salt as some people might launch you down the Wordpress paths (see image above), others might take less of a traditional approach.

As you might imagine, we fall into the latter branch. We reckon to avoid fuss, blood pressure rising, and overall a bad time, we recommend short sweet, and as little code as possible. So let's begin.

We recommend Stackbit, think of Stackbit as a lego brick kit giving you the ability to wedge together a bunch of fancy technologies without actually doing the work of combining these with code.

Start by signing up for stackbit

Pro-tip: there's going to be a lot of making accounts for the next few steps if you're not a developer, frankly you don't need to know what each one is, but just remember one thing: don't forget your account details.

Once you've made an account with Stackbit you will see a screen like this.

A picture of Stackbit in all it's glory

Press the new project button at the top right

From here, you want to look through all of the 8 themes available, they're all great, but our favorite is Ampersand.

Once you're happy press continue.

More sign ups

Our perfect stack consists of choosing

  • Ampersand for the theme
  • Gatsby for the static site generator
  • Either Forestry or Netlify CMS for the Content Management System (Netlify if you want less logins)
  • Github for the Repository

The biggest part of the process

Once you're happy with all that, press the create site and off you go

The waiting game

It takes some time (read: give it 5 mins or more) to setup your first website. This is because we're using something called static. For the most brief, most simple explaination - it's far faster than Wordpress but needs to be rebuilt with every change which takes roughly 20 or so seconds after the first build.

Now to wait impatiently for your site to build... Not long now

And away we go

So now you have a live site up on the web, yes it's really that easy these days. Admittedly it doesn't have a great name, but it's your slice of web real estate and that's all that matters.

Further reading

So I've ran out of steam for this particular blog post, but will be continuing on to explain how to setup a domain, how to setup the website as a simple e-commerce website, all that good stuff.