Am I Wrong?

A moral ambiguity app. Penny for your thoughts.

Client: Bootstrap Bois
Date: February 19, 2017
Services: Application Development, UX/UI Design, Creative
Tile of all Am I wrong mockups

What is it?

Am I Wrong was a 24 hour hack project, thanks to Hack24.

We wanted to build an application that takes those niggling doubts in your head, those skeletons in your closet, and air them out on a public platform. A moral ambiguity app, if you will. We wanted to cram it jam packed with some of the coolest technology and design practices available. So get those tick lists ready, we used Node.js, Firebase, Sketch, Premiere and a whole lot of caffeine rich blood, sweat, and tears to get it built within 24 hours. Well 16 hours to be precise, we’re efficient like that.

Vertical ensemble of Am I wrong mockups
Singular mockup of Am I wrong

That’s pretty cool, so how does it work?


Basically, you can check it out for yourself, here

So essentially, we wanted an anonymous platform that you could post your morally grey questions. E.g: I spilt water on my parents PC and blamed the dog. Pretty rough, I know. But that’s why we put a voting system for people to tell you how much of a horrible human you may, or may not, be. Pretty cool right? Well if that wasn’t enough, we created an archive to show all those poor souls you casted your moral judgement upon for easy viewing. You want more? Well, we built a random name generator, which we plan on monetising, to add new names to in the future, to raise funds for a local charity. Can’t say anymore, it’s very hush hush at the moment. We’ll keep you in the loop with the email sign up at the bottom 👍

Also, we built a video



Yeah, we didn’t just want to enter the Hack24 competition, we wanted to enter, build and finish in style. So we built this 90’s VCR inspired video. It’s loud, it’s proud and it’s oozing with charm, or that might just be the nostalgic static fuzz you’re seeing. Either way, we poured every last bit of soul into this passion project, and we’d love to do the same for you. So hit us up, we promise not to get clingy, like your high school prom date.