Serial Snapper

Web development for a budding photographer, in the heart of Lincoln

Client: Amy Robinson
Date: August 6, 2016
Services: Website Design, UX, Promotion
Amy Pictorial 3 Responsive Wireframes

My Experience

Dealing with Roboto Studio allowed me to create the perfect platform to display my photography portfolio. Jono (web designer) took the time to explain to me how posts and pages work on the site, and how I could add my own content to these posts, and generate copy in an optimal fashion. It took me no time to become accustomed to how WordPress operates, and I soon started adding images and text to my portfolio.

Apictorial Mid Page with blurred background
Sign with Hielo on it

Ongoing Work

As I was so happy after the initial build of the website I decided to continue with some ongoing Marketing retainer work, as I was interested in climbing the search ranks of Google. After my first session I feel as though it’s opened my eyes to the process of climbing Google, sustainable SEO growth and understanding the importance of a healthy mailchimp database. I am very happy to continue with these lessons as they have helped no end with business growth and my online presence.