Appnin Events

Appnin Events, bringing the soul to a party near you

Website development, with flair, for a particularly charismatic DJ from Nottingham.

Client: Paul Cater
Date: December 20, 2016
Services: Website Design, UX, Branding, Ecommerce
Business Cards and MacBook display of site

How it started

Paul came to us with a bright idea and a whole lot of funk to build a website to engage with the Nottinghamshire DJ scene. When building for Paul there was an emphasis of vibrant colours and eye-catchingly sharp photography.

Paul Cater 2 Macbooks Displaying checkout screens


We provided Paul with a platform to arrange when his next DJ sets would be available with a simple interface through WooCommerce and WordPress. After additional sessions we worked together to create a visual identity that would incorporate his charisma, and wealth of knowledge of the Motown, Northern Soul and Disco tracks.