Say no to Mowlands

One village community vs one housing estate

Client: KARA
Date: October 30, 2016
Services: Website, Email Campaign, Creative Direction

What we achieved

We worked with KARA to provide relevant content to inform the Kirkby area and try and boost SEO results. We’re happy to say it worked, even better than expected. Seriously, go Google mowlands and see if the housing estate comes up first, or the people opposing it. Pro-tip: It’s Saynotomowlands ?

The website became so prolific, it was distributed by the local Torie party. Whether you like those dudes or not, you still have to admit they must have been impressed.

Email campaigns from Say no to Mowlands
SEO results after a year

Ongoing Work

After we finished the initial build and building a singular email campaign, they were so happy with the influx of members at their bi-monthly meetings, they went on to set up a bunch of retainer work, ranging from social media management to email marketing. We are now working closely with Google’s Webmaster tools to keep boosting them up the Google search ranks and focusing certain keywords.