Viz Dashcam

All the functionality of a dashcam, in a simple app

All of the capabilities of a high-end dashboard camera, packaged into a Android app with a focus on user experience.

Client: Viz Dashcam
Date: February 22, 2017
Services: App Development, UI/UX Development
Viz showing splashscreen and screen mockup

How it started

 Viz noticed a fundamental lack of Material Design dashboard camera apps on Google Play, so they approached us with the premise of building a User Experience first dashcam application. We worked hand in hand with Viz to produce ‘in our opinion’ one of the most beautiful dashcam apps currently on the Google Play Store.

A Screen of the viz dashcam showing trees and HUD

Elevator Pitch

A revolutionary feature of the Viz Dashcam is the continuous background recording system, leaving the user with the ability to operate other tasks at the same time, such as: using a sat nav or taking a call. This system will delete old ‘irrelevant’ video clips to avoid excessive memory usage. More room for gifs of cats.

We went all out when we built an Intelligent flagging system that detects sudden movements within recordings to prevent videos from being deleted automatically when the device runs out of memory. Pretty smart, huh.

We didn’t just stop there with the cool technology, this system is like a swiss army knife, but instead of useless junk it has a speedometer, the ability to share videos to a range of cloud storage platforms and it chunks the videos into bite size clips to make it easier to sort through.