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    We worked with My Content Pal to help migrate their new website onto new hosting, diagnose some existing issues with their headless content management system and all round optimisations to the site.

    The Challenge

    With every site we work on, we push to try and get to the stage of set & forget maintenance. The same applies with My Content Pal, we've ensured with the Vercel CI/CD pipeline, and preview capabilities we can easily work with Craig and ensure that every commit is predictable, simple to understand and easy to rollback.

    Jono has been a fantastic dev to work with. Took my businesses goals and budgets into consideration to implement the changes I needed.

    Craig Dewart, CEO - My Content Pal

    Two browsers showing My Content Pal contact us and interactive pricing slider
    Also REALLY appreciate the quick support when we had an emergency with the site.

    Craig Dewart, CEO - My Content Pal

    CMS unification

    We're currently working with Craig to align his vision for multiple pages by simplifying the user experience of the content management system. Meaning we will have a consistent set of slices that can be used to flesh out various pages, and expand PPC campaigns. We always recommend this as it's just about the best bang for your buck with building new sections on a website - every new block added is added throughout the entire site.

    My content pal mobile designs

    Copywriting the future

    We're also utilising Craig's incredible team to develop our offering with budget builds to ensure any client that comes aboard can quickly, and consistently build out great copy. Get in touch if you're interested in seeing it in action

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    Budget builds that will blow your mind

    We're well aware there's a huge gap in the market for an ultra-fast, budget friendly JAMstack site. We reckon we've built just about the best possible value for money. Get in touch if you'd like to hear a bit more about it.

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