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Airtime rewards is a cashback platform for reducing your mobile bill. They found us through Gatsby as we were both featured and showcased on their website. Check it out.

Airtime rewards is created by the minds behind Orange Wednesday and O2 rewards. It is supported by all major phone network providers like EE, Vodaphone, GiffGaff etc. It links directly into the retailers systems, so that you can set, forget and earn rewards.

We were over the moon to work with Airtime rewards, who wouldn't be? Earning rewards through phone networks takes us back to our youth with Orange Wednesday's released in 2003.

Optimisation & SEO

On their website, we built an advanced 'sitemap' containing information about each element and, the relationships between them. Every single page was categorised correctly, so that Google has the best possible information presented to it, to allow for the site to be indexed correctly.

We used lazy loading functionality on each and every image on the site, making large images display an outline SVG which is roughly 1/100th the size of a real image, loaded in the background and swapped out when finished loading- meaning microseconds load times!

We boosted performance level on Google lighthouse audit - this is one of the key metrics google rates every site by. This means the higher the score the higher the Google ranking is.

We utilised the Netlify's power of caching and asset optimisation. Everything from the site that wasn't optimised went through a second wave of optimisation with Netlify. The site also uses the Gatsby Netlify cahing plugin to keep the most relevant elements updated upon changes.






Best Practices



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Integrations & hands-off

We combined a range of systems from Workable to Trustpilot to make an automatically updatable, all inclusive website.

We plugged in their job board listings from Workable to allow an automatic update on their site every time a job is published meaning - no need to touch the CMS!

Every single aspect of the site is streamlined so that content creators and website maintainers can do exactly what they should be doing - building incredible content and not managing minor changes within the site.

Prismic (Headless) CMS

We're using Prismic CMS & Gatsby to create custom content models for Airtime Rewards. This allows us to truly tailor the experience for our client and allow the content to lead the website rather than the other way round.

The content developed in Prismic is pulled into both the website and utilised inside the app itself, esssentially allowing Airtime to have a single source of truth for all things legal. Isn't that nifty.

What really saved our time and effort was the efficacy of a headless CMS. The independent nature of Prismic allowed us to generate the content even before we had the pages. This resulted in content being ready in a timely fashion and no back and forth with client. We couldn't stress enough how Prismic eliminated the fuss involved with the handover process.

Moreover, Prismic is built with release schedule functionality, which allows setting up a release date and time for any and all content to be released. A lifesaver for marketers and bloggers alike.

The future is bright

The foundation of Airtime Rewards is bulit with Gatsby, meaning every single asset from the ground up is reusable and tweakable.

One of the perks of building Gatsby websites, the way we do, is the usage of styled components. The dead codes from the site is pulled out instantly, boosting the overall performance and consistency on a global scale.

All of the code developed for Airtime Rewards is being hosted on a micro-service called Netlify - to avoid getting into the nitty gritty, it means that we're able to scale from the current user-base, to 100 times the user-base without breaking a sweat. This means hosting costs are near non-existent, and worldwide the site is being pushed out through a Content Delivery Network. Super fast, wherever you are.

We plan to keep working with Airtime Rewards as they continue to scale and can't wait to see their next ambitious endeavour. Watch this space.

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