Birch Improvement

We worked with Birchi to produce the best possible "bang for your buck" for a startup website. Jonathan (the CEO) approached us with the requirement of building a website, built in Wordpress with minimal upkeep and decent performance.

Move fast, fail often

One thing we learnt very quickly was that we wanted to follow the agile methodology with Jonathan to ensure we could quickly power through with amends, create a fast feedback loop, and essentially build his perfect website in the shortest possible time.

It was incredible working with Jonathan due to the efficiency of which he would respond with amends, and the clear and precise vision he had for the site. We helped him put together an extension on his old brand, complete with typography, logogram and messaging.

Developing a clear pipeline

We tried to funnel the customer through a range of different CTAs throughout the website, always signposting towards getting in touch, with subtle drops of colour.

Maintainable and fast

As with all of our ready-made Wordpress websites, we work tightly with Siteground to produce a fast and budget-friendly template to test out their business ideas.

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