Making Clinical trials cutting edge. Working with Pharmaseal to provide drag and drop solutions in a JAMstack environment with Forestry
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8 Weeks

We worked with HMA (a Barnsley based agency) to provide an incredible custom solution for Pharmaseal. We had some seriously ambitious discussions about turning the Pharmaseal website into an extension of marketing to push for a CTMS solution where none have been before. Pretty daunting.

When it comes to challenges, Roboto Studio doesn’t shy away, and so we eagerly discussed how the website was going to be used, working from wireframes from HMA, we decided upon using a cutting edge static site generator called HUGO.

Everybody loves UX

Because Pharmaseal is a company that loves to get every staff member involved, whether it’s posting development tips to LinkedIn, or writing articles to progress the Clinical Trial Management industry, we wanted to create a seamless experience for them to add blogs, collateral and even micro videos to the site in the simplest way possible.
We settled on Forestry as a CMS (content management system), for its ease of use, it’s rapid and traceable iterations due to the way it handles content as markdown files, and flawless intergration with HUGO.

It’s not a grammy, but it’ll do

We were over the moon with how Pharmaseal were interacting and developing the site, so much so that we submitted the website to the HUGO showcase reel... And guess what? We got in. We don’t like to toot our own horn but: honk honk