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Based in the centre of Nottingham, Solo Grano offers authentic Italian cuisine outside of Italy. Inspired by the delicacies all across Europe, Solo Grano experiments in their cooking style and delivers the unique combination of Italian authenticity with distinctive flavours. Our working experience with Solo Grano has been great which can be rooted in the fact that we started as their daily customers.

The moment they approached us to build their website, we knew exactly what they wanted and how it would be delivered. We take pride in supporting the local businesses around Nottingham therefore working with Solo Grano was the best of both worlds.

How we did it

To fulfil their requirements, we utilised the power of Gatsby.js and Prismic in order to produce a super simple CMS interface that can easily update the websites menu in record time. We also helped to get a range of sharp and trendy pictures to help with the brand and visual advertisements.

We displayed these on the site using Gatsby's "SVG trace" lazy loading technique, that way we could serve incredible pictures at a moments notice, scaled exactly to the size of the screen.


As a result we created a speedy, easily accessible and user friendly website which is highly rated on Google Lighthouse performance metrics.

The website contains everything you need to know about their signature cuisine, location details, contact details, modes of delivery and links to their social media accounts.






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Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of our job. Receiving feedback helps us improve. In this case, we couldn't be happier with the review. We are always happy to make adjustments to the website and as pasta fanatics we remain their long term customer.

We love the site, and we're especially happy it loads so fast, so that customers can easily order from us - especially with how much custom we receive through the web

Kalioutsis Mechmet - Owner

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