Wordpress builds for the sustainably chic

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2 Weeks

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Maintenance


We worked with Square tiger to provide them with an incredible website for a startup room letting agent. We decided upon building a simple layout which could then be later used to generate multiple new pages with the client due to the simplicity of the page builder.

When we introduced them to the rich functionality of the Wordpress CMS, they were blown away with how much could be achieved on top of the platform we built for them.

Let's add some houses

We walked the Square tiger team through the process of adding houses, adding staff members and building new pages. This was a great example of how powerful a startup build can be with Roboto Studio, as it laid the foundations for continuing to develop the site with new rooms being added by the day.


We included a simple functional form, backed up with both email notifications and a simple local backup that they could access at any time.