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With St. Mary's project, we received the great opportunity to support a historical church in the heart of Nottingham. For this project, we worked in collaboration with Agency without walls.

For our client's satisfaction, we wanted to harness the beautiful simplicity of the Gutenberg editor that released with Wordpress 5.0. We utilised the natural evolution of the 'wysiwyg' (what you see is what you get) editor and empowered our clients with this simple yet comprehensive user interface.

Simple & easy

Simple and easy is what we strive for when selecting a CMS experience. We only partner with CMSs and tools we believe in and use on our own sites.

St. Mary's is an active community, constantly including content on their website. Therefore, we wanted the on-boarding experience to be the simplest possible.

We integrated a range of plug-ins to utilise the Gutenberg editing experience. The beauty of this editor is you can edit what you see on screen in real time.

Gutenberg editor is also beneficial in a way that whether you add an event, create a blog post or update a page; you are provided with the same user experience, that makes the learning curve non-existent. This allowed us to simplify the workflow and engage all demographics at St. Mary's church.

You can even try out the editor for yourself here.

After only one tutorial (that we recorded from the beautiful St Mary's church), the team was up and ready to start adding pages for themselves, saving our work for the bigger improvements and developer jobs.

Gutenberg editor in action


We integrated Gutenberg with every last object within Wordpress, so that included ensuring the events made perfect sense with continuity of the UX. Thanks to the integration with events calendar we made creating an event a breeze, we even got it easily adding your event to Gcal or Ical.

The website was built from the scratch using Gutenberg at every step, which required some intricate development. However it paid off at the end as it was perfectly suited to all of the clients requirements.

Gutenberg builder moving text about

Thanks to Alan

Needless to say, it was awesome working with Alan from Agency without walls, to help steer the product in a direction and tightly handle production schedules and managing timelines, we couldn't have done it without you 👍

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