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We work closely with WAM for our digital marketing solutions. Based at the centre of Nottingham, this agency prides themselves on delivering intelligent SEO keyword audits and integrated marketing campaigns. So when we got the opportunity to work hand in hand with the CEO Ben Spray, we jumped at the chance. In fact, we have worked along with him on most of our projects. We'd been tasked with building a fast and optimised HUGO site, no fat, no compromise, just a need for speed


Hugo is incredible for scaling content so it doesn't matter how many post or pages you have, the website build-time is greatly reduced. We are talking 1-4 seconds for an entire website update 🚀

WAM's entire website is build from the scratch using Hugo. It is segmented into blocks which allows them to re-build and alter effectively (and indefinitely).

While building the site, we were highly focused on showing the metrics for each of their case studies, highlighting the incredible work they do.

SEO and Marketing

The site was built with a variety of rich schemas, markup and other Google optimisation for two reasons: making sure they reach the desired marketers and empowering them to alter and customise the site to suit their need.

The site also featured a whole range of hands-off SEO optimisation, meaning that the missing data from CMS was pulled automatically without a manual effort. It also meant whether they invest the time or not, their site was always feature rich for Google's crawlers.


We used Forestry headless CMS to empower our clients with an easy going, highly maintainable site from the very first day. The client's team was able to create and trace changes through each step from posting pages to creating content.

Working with Forestry is highly rewarding from a development side. The way Forestry commits, we could ensure that for any future work we're able to update in seconds and keep the site blazing fast.

The WAM team

It's worth mentioning that WAM's team worked along side ours, to ensure they have their vibrant brand pushed throughout the entire website, including colour filters on their blog pages to really tie the site together. We especially enjoy working with Ben (the CEO), for his knowledge, commitment and consistency, makes our jobs to be a little (or a lot) easier.

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