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Improve your content velocity by migrating to Sanity

Looking to migrate over? We've successfully helped 100's of business migrate their CMS to Sanity. Get faster turnaround, better collaboration and a scalable content management system.

Contentful not cutting it?

Contentful is a great tool for building simplified blog posts, content and maybe even, at a stretch, a page builder. However, it's not the solution we would recommend... That's where Sanity comes in.

Sanity allows you to easily create, manage, and deliver your website's content in a flexible and scalable manner. With its powerful API and integrations with pretty much every frontend framework, you can streamline your content editing workflow and improve efficiency.

In short (in our opinion): It's easier to use, faster to scale, more efficient and makes multiple content editors working at the same time a breeze.


Top of the pile

Sanity outperforms, out-scales and out-simplifies all other CMS. It's top of the pile for a reason. Don't just take our word for it. We've used Sanity on a multitude of different websites, web apps and multi-platform marketing systems. We know it works, and there's a good reason we build every website we make using the same platform.

Everything from the field validation to the way previews work in real time is customisable meaning every content solution is viable -

  • Want to build a real time mockup generator?
  • Want your content to populate your Google business?
  • Want to generate pages (like this one) on the fly?

Sanity can do all of this and more, because of it's composable architecture, and extensibility

Sanity CMS leading the G2 review polls with the highest on performance scale
The Roboto team helped us to migrate from a scattered Contentful environment to a full blown Sanity page building system

Joe | Co-Founder @ Freshsec

Our process

Our migration process makes it easy to not only transfer data, but also reorganise content structure to ensure your your CMS is easy to use and even easier to scale.

We understand your existing data model, and see how it is used. We suggest ways to improve content flow and make your marketing team happier. We also advise about multi-platform publishing and how you can take the burden off of tools such as Hootsuite.






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