We put the blazing fastgnarly looking flame in Gatsby

Okay, we know Gatsby doesn’t have the word "blazing fast" in it, but you get the point

Trim the fat

When it comes to building a website there's a ton of overhead, whether it's large images, video files or fonts. That's where we come in. We squeeze every last drop out of performance, utilizing tools like Gatsby image, Webm and Webfont generators to get your site running faster than any competitor can ever dream of.

Tools we use

Gatsby Image - A hyper fast image optimization tool to lazy load images

Full code minification - Every piece of code uploaded to your website is stripped down and optimised

Styled components - Gone are the days of loading the style for EVERY page upon website load

Gatsby Next SEO - One of the best SEO rich systems out there for getting highly ranked Google pages

Netlify - Best performance bar-none when it comes to hosting the website

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Well actions speak louder than words, see some of our work

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