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Hyper performance with the worlds #1 React Framework

Fusing static site generation, with the flexibility of the React eco-system.

Why build a Next.js website?


Next.js is unmatched performance-wise. What this means - better SEO, higher conversions, improved user experience


All our website hosting utilises hyper-secure Vercel, boasting SSO, automated backups & scalable DDoS mitigation


Scale with confidence, from 10 users to a million. Next.js enables battle-tested component based development practices.


Forget database updates, broken plugins and mismatch PHP versions. Hosting with Vercel makes the whole process seamless

Think fast

When it comes to performance, we're not just talking about lighthouse metrics. With Next.js we have the ability to iterate quickly on components, reduce costs of hosting and innovate with a range of frameworks & accessibility tools to make sure you end up with the best possible search ranking.

Bring your own CMS

When we build a typical marketing website, one of the first questions we'll ask is if you currently have a content management system, and what previous experiences do you have? The reason being is because Next.js can integrate with pretty much everything. That being said, we'd always recommend using Prismic because of the fantastic UX and security to boot.

Guy who's thought bubble is on fire

Build as you go

Because of the way we build websites & web apps, we utilise a frontend framework called Chakra UI. This gives us the ability to leverage an entire library of assets as a jumping off point. Meaning whether it's a marketing website you're looking at building, or a full-scale web app, we can provide quick fire components that will help you launch in style.

JAMstack from the ground up

Because of the tight pairing between Next.js and Vercel, we can show you step by step as we progress. We can send unique URL's to see current progress, and record real-time performance metrics that show you how users are interacting with your website. See their webpage to get a deep-dive.

A rocket going to the moon
We were originally unsure of the performance gain of a Next.js website. It almost seemed hyperbolic until we saw the performance metrics when we launched the Broadoaks website.

Jordan Broadbent, CEO - Broadoaks Property Services

Get fast

We'd love to help you build an incredible Next.js website, why not get in touch with us and we'll run you through all the ways we've helped these companies below.

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