User interface design

We're into UI, whether it's the smallest micro-interaction on a button to assert positive feedback, to a fully fledged dashboard, we're into it.

We use the process of component based design read: kind of like atomic design to ensure that every button, every font, every colour and design is synchronised, all the way from inception to the end product.

We use Figma as our design tool of choice to create a live feedback loop with the client. Due to the way Figma is built, you can see in real time the current screens & assets built and comment directly on the designs. This means no comments will be missed and the faster we get feedback, the faster we build your perfect end product.

Highly integrated

Because our devs have experience with design, and our designers have experience with dev, everything is built with perfect harmony. We think we're pretty close to perfecting the handover process so that everything you see is pixel perfect to the wireframe alternative.

Usable brands

Let me ask you this question "does your marketing team have access to a scalable, correctly spaced logo?"

Before you answer that, we know how hard it is to keep a consistent visual message across brand, and across product. That's why we are firm believers in a functional design system/brand guidelines. You need to hand one version to your developers, so they can obsess over the 9 different hue variants, and another less complicated version to your marketing and business arm, so that sending the correct logo is near instant and easy to remember.

We build in Figma because we can provide you with that functional design document. We create a simple to use, and understandable brand.