UI Design

Whether it’s Atomic Design, understanding pixel density or working with Human Interaction Guidelines, we care a lot. We eat sleep breath design, and it goes to show. We’re read up on the latest design guidelines and patterns and we’re trying every day to improve and perfect our handover to developers.

Ahead of the curve

When it comes to User Interface Design, we like to pride ourselves on being the frontrunners of the design community. We focus on ensuring that each of our designs are modular (think design building blocks) so that every project we do is completely future proofed.

We look at designing more of a Single source of truth than a simple wireframe, that includes branding, design patterns, components and color palettes. What this means is that when you’re publishing your social media, you don’t need to constantly check you’re using the right hue of blue, or the right font.

Developers love us

We’re fully trained and enthusiasts for following both Google’s - Material design guidelines and Apple’s - Human interface guidelines. We want to ensure that every app we design has that fully native feel, from the most up to date of documents.

We make sure that your developers love us, because we break down all the assets into pixel density assets 1x/2x/3x for all the devices and use Zeplin to offer them an incredibly easy method of converting our wireframes into actual apps.

Not only this, but to ensure we’re making sure the User Journey feels right, we offer device testing with Sketch Cloud to win over the hearts of developers and shareholders alike. There’s nothing that builds confidence like a room of people being able to test the app out (in wireframe form) all at once.

We fit in everywhere

It doesn’t matter what platform you have in place, we integrate in your teams, or help develop a design process. Sketch is our platform of choice, but we can work in Figma, Adobe XD and the shiny new Invision Studio. We’re all about learning something new, so if there’s a platform not listed in here, we can take our expert background in design and apply it to something new.

We’ve worked everywhere from bleeding edge blockchain fintech, to old school print, so we know our components