Web Design

Modular isn't just a buzzword, it's a way of setting out every element on a screen. The easiest way to understand modular is to think of building blocks.

We take each individual element on the website: Contact form, Image slider, Header images and design them as a building block. What this means is, is that when it comes to building a new page you can quickly drag and drop chunks of the website together to quickly design a masterpiece

What this means is, that we aim to provide you with the best possible foundation for you to continue to build your site, your brand and your company

Break it down

We start by analysing your current site, breaking down what works (and what doesn't) to assess the best way possible for Roboto Studio to jump in and start designing and developing. We do this because we want to avoid diminishing returns, ensuring the best bang for your buck from a development and UX standpoint. We answer the tough questions, and break down the path to success.

Initial analysis and breakdownThis section is used purely to understand what can be achieved, how we will achieve it and assess the systems in place to ensure you're not wasting valuable time and resources.

Design Phase

We use this phase to come up with our unique solution to your problem, working with any prior style guides or legacy systems you might have in place. Our design leads our development, and our development leads our design.

Development Phase

This is the real meat and potatoes phase of the development, where we can geek out with modern technology such as Webpack, Docker and Composer to turbocharge your development. In laymens we speed up your entire development process, so minimal development time is spent setting up servers, adding plugins and migrating data.

Testing Phase

With every project we take on, we like to keep an open dialogue to report any oddities with different browsers. We want to ensure that you have the best browsing experience on every modern browser, so this process is essential to getting your site polished.