Web Development

JAMstack, static sites and scalable solutions. We pride ourselves on implementing the fastest, most scalable solutions for your business. We use cutting edge A testing techniques, styled components and CDN level analytics.

This is only available because of the extra lengths we pursue optimisation. We'll even let you into a secret: "This websites you're viewing right now, is paying literally no money what-so-ever for hosting this, and I'd wager a bet, it's the fastest site you've seen today".

Due to the way we build websites, you're not forced into a corner with what data you're pulling from:

✅ Want to use Wordpress as a CMS

✅ Want to be able to migrate data easily

✅ Want to be able to easily integrate your current database you're using

Because of the way JAMstack is designed, you're only ever pulling in only the data you want. Nothing more, nothing less.

But what about Wordpress?

We do still offer the ability to build your websites in Wordpress, but from our experiences we've seen our websites far outlast, far outperform and make editing content a dream.

We're so confident you'll love the switch, that we've created near carbon copy's of the sites and each and every client has loved it. We're looking at you Sunesis.

Trying the new CMS

We're not into using proprietary CMS systems, we're up for using whatever you would like. So what do we suggest? We're huge fans of the beautiful UX and the scalability of Prismic, and we also like the more rigid website style build of Forestry. The real question is finding the best use case for your company, something we can help and advise with every step.