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100 hours in Linear - our key takeaways

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September 7, 2023




Revolutionising project management

At Roboto Studio, we're no strangers to cutting-edge tech. After all, we pride ourselves on building lightning-fast websites with primo editing experiences. When it comes to project management, we're just as picky. Enter Linear—the project management tool that's transformed the way we work.

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The uncluttered interface: a dream come true

As a project manager, the last thing you need is to dig through digital quicksand to find what you're looking for. With Linear, we find exactly what we need, when we need it. This means less time wrestling with the platform and more time actually managing your project.

Speed, baby, speed

If it ain't fast, it ain't for us. That's why Linear's speed had us at hello. The platform comes loaded with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for just about everything. We're talking next-level stuff that allows you to zip through tasks, assign roles, and even set priorities without ever lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

We've had a long-lasting experience with project management tools, and nearly all of them had the same issue. 2 seconds to load a ticket... It seems small, but for developers this will feel like hours after you've been coding all day. Luckily from our anecdotal experience, we've never had a long time loading, even with multiple embeds within a ticket.

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Communication 2.0

Forget about those endless email chains and random Slack pings. Linear streamlines communication by linking discussions directly to tasks. Everyone is on the same page—literally. Plus you can use tags to grab people's attention to a task without the verbal hassle.

Figma meets Linear: a match made in collaboration heaven

Here's a game-changer for both our project managers and designers—Linear's seamless integration with Figma. Pop open the Figma plugin, and bam! You're greeted with a curated list of all your Linear issues that are tied to your current Figma page. And guess what? You can filter and sort to zero in on what matters most to you.

Finding the balance

What we will say is, finding a way to streamline communication isn't an easy fix. We've had to push communicating more within tickets. It's tricky to get the hang of, but rewarding to have a ticket go flawlessly from to-do, to in-progress, to Done, all with minimal conversation. But when it works, we honestly think it takes days off of comms.

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