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With Sanity; you'll enjoy an unbeatable combination of performance, scalability and granular content editing. We provide cutting-edge development to increase your content velocity and smash core metrics.

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Scandi CornerPharmasealairtimeMinistry of DefenceWarner BrosEidoScapeDiscoveryWilmott DixonSunesisTeckroLivepeerMojoydentityflomarketable

Agency partners & community ambassadors

We're veterans in sanity development, working on improving education around structured content, pioneering some of the best practices in Sanity Studio, and improving the overall JAMstack experience for clients worldwide.

Most recently, we're over the moon to announce that our founder Jono, has just become part of the first cohort of community ambassadors. On top of this, we're also launching an enterprise accelerator which aims to work in lockstep with your developers to bring the very best that Sanity has to offer.

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More than a couple of reasons

Reasons we love Sanity, and why you'll love it too

Editing, publishing, multi-platform simplification and a boat-load of support from the community. What more could you want from (in our opinion) the world's best content management system.

  1. 1

    Real time collaboration

    Editable schema on Sanity, a whole new world of customisability

    Yes, you read that right, real-time editing. What makes this even more incredible is that if you're writing an article, your teammate can 'tag-in' and start collecting and populating citations on the same text editor. Never has there been a faster flow to get your content out there.

  2. 2

    Live preview block building

     Live preview block building in Sanity

    Ever wondered what your site looked like and wanted to take a sneak peek? Well, we've got that covered. How about a static site that allows you a 1:1 real-time update where you literally see your text typing out the second you add it to a text editor? See how your campaigns look long before they're live.

  3. 3

    Meta tags, structured content & granular SEO support

    Meta tags, structured content & granular SEO support

    Long-gone are the days of expecting your website to rank with just a decently keyworded meta title. You've got to really focus on granularity and make Google's life as easy as possible with Structured Content to ensure your data surfaces on the first page. Automate schema construction, and get a best-in-class SEO experience with Sanity CMS

  4. 4

    Better image, video & PDF management

    Asset management shown with multiple different devices such as mux video streaming

    With a lightning-fast media library, best-in-class tooling support for your favourite platforms like Cloudinary, Mux and Wistia. Find out how we can build first-class support of all your favourite media managers to make things a little more "drag-and-drop"

  5. 5

    Automated social sharing functionality

    Automated social sharing, showing how you can distribute your blogs to multiple platforms

    Ever wanted to share one update, and automatically populate every social platform? Welcome to the future we've built that. Why should social media be a chore.

  6. 6

    Automated image generation functionality

    Automated image generation functionality

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's help you make it shine at every aspect ratio. Ensure your subject looks the business. Whether you're plastering them on a tiny author profile picture or the size of a billboard, it'll be framed perfectly.

  7. 7

    Content scheduling, and automation

    Content scheduling, and automation, cards being shifted on a calendar

    Consistency is key when it comes to content generation and publishing. So ensure your entire marketing team is on the same page with an immediate calendar view to see your upcoming weeks.

  8. 8

    API based CMS, the real-deal multi-platform

    API based CMS, the real-deal multi-platform

    In the modern age having just a website doesn't cut it anymore. By our very nature, we are multi-platform. Whether it's updating a privacy policy in one place for all your applications, to updating your team pictures across multiple websites - it's all in one platform.

  9. 9

    Incredible community, supportive team

    Incredible community, supportive team

    When it comes to finding the right community to scale your business, you need a solid support team. Being both community ambassadors and enterprise agency partners, we can attest to the responsiveness of the Sanity team and have strong ties to the community to ensure no question goes unanswered.

  10. 10

    User experience focused tooling

    User experience focused tooling

    Sanity is built from the ground up with UX in mind. Every single field, placeholder and button has been thoughtfully built to ensure your content editing experience is logical and fast. Your website and content never felt so good together.

Sanity is a perfect mix of ease-to-use paired with the ability to customize almost anything you want

Wes Bos - Host of Syntax.FM Podcast

Answering the burning questions

We get a lot of questions about Sanity, so we've created a quick-fire list to cover all the essentials. We've even peppered some in from our own backlog that we think might be useful to know

Projects built with Sanity taxonomy

We've built a whole range of websites using JAMstack, from local businesses to fully fledged enterprise powerhouses. Have a little nosey on the projects below or get in touch directly if you want to hear exactly how we build our ultra-performant websites.

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Get in touch, we've worked on Sanity non-stop, contributing to the community, sharing schema and improving performance. If there's something you're looking to achieve, or just testing the waters for your project, we're always interested in hearing about it.



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