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We promised ourselves we wouldn't get into politics with this particular client - so I'll keep it short: he does incredible work, he helps people live in the UK, and he's a nice chap to boot.

When we had the opportunity to help James from 1st Call out, we jumped at the chance. He wanted to move away from Wordpress because of a particularly nasty hosting cost (read: over 4 figures a year to keep a 5 page website). We wanted to turnaround in an extremely short period, a simplified website that can let him edit content, rank for SEO and ensure his website is top notch for anybody looking for immigration advice in Nottingham

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What we achieved

We got James' site running with a near perfect lighthouse score, adapting his existing brand, and extending it to a fully cohesive experience. We ensured he could build new pages for the future so we could run PPC campaigns and easily extend the core blocks within the editor.

He loved using the real time preview with Sanity, and told us how much of a better experience of editing pages he had than his previous Wordpress endeavours.

I really didn't get on well with the previous Wordpress website - so much so I hadn't updated it in the 5 years of having it. Now I find it a blast to swap and change content around.

James Ramowski - CEO



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