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The Speed Revolution: Nailing Build Times

One of our first missions was to annihilate the sluggish build times. By employing Server Side Generation (SSG) with Vercel, we hacked away at the 30-minute wait time, bringing it down to a nifty 3 minutes. This wasn't just a win for our devs; it also meant quicker updates and a site that could effortlessly adapt to market demands.

Faster than fast

With Next.js, we slashed build times from 30 mins to just 3, also allowing us to bypass Sanity API limits to ensure successful builds, even with 5000+ pages


Faster build times


Fallback coverage with image generation



Error-Proofing: Smoother User Experiences

Next up was tackling the errors that could really ruin a Friday. We designed fallbacks for both images and content blocks, ensuring that the site could elegantly handle any data hiccups. What this gave us wasn't just fewer error messages but also a more polished, reliable user journey.

Unlocking Insights: Google Analytics 4 Integration

We wanted to ensure that Google analytics was working smooth throughout the site. We refactored the analytics to ensure that every page, visit, interaction and movement was flagged to Google.

The Bug Hunt: Optimizing API Usage

Trippin's increase in traffic led to a surge in API-related bugs, we wanted to drop this because not only does it risk the chance of Google cutting functionality, but it also makes it too damn expensive to run. A deep-dive investigation allowed us to identify and isolate the issues so everybody could breathe a deep breath, and focus on solving the integration.

Trippin world website

Kudos to their design team

You've probably guessed, we're a fan of scrolling tickers and brutalist design. We absolutely love the design the original team implemented, and would highly recommend you to check out the shiny effect on the Travel Tools page... Feels like opening a rare pokemon card every time you click through.



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