User-testing website that was built in a couple design sprints


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We've worked with Phil (CEO) for longer than Roboto has been around. We've watched them grow an incredible service offering of User Experience and seen how this can be applied to really make the most out of a site. We're huge fans, and when we got the opportunity to build a hyper-speed, UX focused site, we snapped up the opportunity

The holy trinity

We speak about it on the homepage, and we're speaking about it here. We really can't express how incredible Gatsby + Netlify + Prismic works together. They're our dream team, and resulted in the incredible performance scores you can see below.

The real beauty of using these technologies is the near non-existant maintenance cost associated with the site. There's no user-facing plugins to update, no monolithic forms that can be broken and pretty much no way to be hacked.






Best Practices



Transparency by design

Because of the way that both Figma (the design system) and Gatsby/Netlify works, we were able to collaborate with Phil in real-time taking on-board his wealth of UX experience and deploying content on the fly with ease. It also opens us up for A/B testing at a later date (but that's another story for another day).

Because of the multiplayer functionality within Figma, Phil could see exactly the ideas we were building at the time of conception. No tiresome export/email/await response here!

Keep on, keeping on

We love working with Phil, and we're focusing on getting some UX testing on Roboto real soon, because we always try to practice what we preach.