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We worked with Fresh Security to boost their performance, their SEO & overall experience of editing their current website. They wanted to ensure that whatever they changed was effortless, and iteratable. Needless to say Sanity was our top pick to ensure they had a fully tailored experience

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Keeping the SEO

Because Freshsec already had top-notch SERP, we wanted to ensure that they kept the top rankings secure. We used Next.js Dynamic Imports to ensure that we could lazy load every new section of the website, instead of a huge upfront javascript payload.

Along with the lazy loading we achieved a near perfect lighthouse score, bumping up the performance by 6 marks on Google lighthouse and ensuring a perfect score throughout SEO, Best Practice & Accessibility.

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Communication was quick and effective, and within 4 weeks, we relaunched our new 90-page site. Google PageSpeed increased 6% from our already very high standard, and our content creation time was reduced by 60%.

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