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Considering moving to Sanity CMS?

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December 28, 2022




So you're considering moving to Sanity CMS.

If you're looking for a powerful tool to help manage and maintain website content or a digital platform more efficiently, you've probably come across Sanity. However, getting buy-in from team members or stakeholders for implementing a new CMS can sometimes be challenging. Here are some tips for getting buy-in for a sanity CMS:

Identify the benefits

Clearly outlining the benefits of a sanity CMS can help persuade others to support its implementation. Some benefits might include:

  • Improved efficiency: Sanity CMS can streamline the process of updating and managing content, allowing teams to work more quickly and effectively. Seriously, we've built entire parts of our own website with a block builder, some content and a smidgen of quickly generated images to create an entire sales funnel; it's that simple.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Sanity CMS can make it easier for teams to collaborate on content, providing a central location for storing and managing assets. It also means multiple people can work on the same document: think Google docs for CMS with multiple cursors and people on the same doc
  • Improved user experience: A well-designed CMS can improve the overall user experience of a website or digital platform, making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. To add to this, everything is editable on mobile, and as a bonus point, it's easy to work with even there.

Involve key stakeholders:

Involving key stakeholders in the decision-making process can help build support for the CMS. This might include getting feedback on the specific features and functionality that the CMS should have or involving them in the selection process.

If you're looking at key pointers, here's our quick-fire list:

  1. Sanity really really shines at Scaling (it's the last CMS you'll need)
  2. The learning curve is really simple; it's literally just text boxes on a page for the most part.
  3. It's framework agnostic, so if the flavour of the month React framework is no longer relative, your content is still relative
  4. It's set and forget, everything is backed up in the cloud, and all your work is versioned, so you can go back to what you made changes with 5 mins ago or five days ago.
  5. The pricing is fantastic whether it's a small team or Enterprise

Demonstrate value

Providing concrete examples of how sanity CMS will improve the organization's workflow or bottom line. When it comes to Sanity CMS, we personally offer a demo, which allows the user to see the full extent of the Content Management System. What is usually a crowd-pleaser is the real-time experience of watching text updates as it's typed side-by-side.

The real trade-off is ensuring you have blocks of content that can be built easily and scale well. That way, you can offset a lot of work that developers would usually handle and instead pass it on to marketers.

Address concerns

It's natural for people to have concerns about implementing a new tool or system. Make sure to address any concerns that stakeholders may have, and provide reassurance that the CMS will be well-supported and easy to use.

We've known quite a few people that have been burnt by other headless CMS'. What's worth highlighting is the distinct difference between a GUI drag-and-drop CMS vs a fully configurable code-based CMS. Sanity is the latter of the two and one of only a handful on the market. Why this matters is because the very nature of a code-based CMS means that Sanity will scale fantastically and can be customised to pretty much any configuration you can think of.

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