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Our Next.js Oct Conference Predictions

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October 1, 2021

You know us, we're always excited for a Next.js conference. It's like Christmas has come early for the world of web developers. So for this year we're going to be shaking our presents and trying to figure out exactly what's inside. Let's try and spoil some announcements, and in the process, probably get every prediction wrong

Image Improvements

Rich image improvements with Next.js 12

We reckon there's going to be some future props added to Next.js image optimisation. Maybe something along the lines of "blurIn" or some form of animation easing for being able to transition from the blur placeholder prop. We're also hoping for further simplification of using the Next.js Image component for beginners using this functionality, possibly a way of enabling blur-hash placeholders easier.

On-demand revalidation

Did we say our predictions... Well we meant: stolen from reddit with some of ours thrown in for good measure... predictions

On demand revalidation for Next.js 12

We think NextLevelShift's idea of on-demand revalidation is a spot on guess. We're hope there's improvements to handling end-point API updates to allow for revalidation on development/prod. This is especially important when working with headless CMS such as Prismic, as this would allow us to work even faster as copy is changed remotely without having to refresh the page.

Performance Upgrades

I think we're getting somewhat clairvoyant... It's coming to me... Yes... Yes, we predict that there will be an increase in build speeds. No, it's nothing to do with the fact that nearly every Next.js updates includes significant performance upgrades. We were told from the "other side"

All joking aside, from our first dabble into Next.js to the complex enterprise websites we're building, we've noticed a humungous speed and QOL improvements. The biggest one for us was the React Fast Refresh which stopped (mostly) losing state when tweaking components.

Under-the-hood improvements to make the whole build faster

What do you reckon?

We'd love to hear your opinions on what Next.js will bring with the latest, send them across to We're hoping we at least got one right... Right?



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