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Sanity CMS Pricing: Which Plan is Right for You?

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February 17, 2023




You're probably here for one of two reasons:

  1. To find out if the Sanity tiers are worth their salt
  2. To find out if we have a discount code

Well... sorry to disappoint but we don't have a discount code, however, we have a lot (and I mean a lot) of experience of working with different content management platforms, all with their individual pricing tiers.

This blog outlines all the different pricing points for the Composable Content Cloud - Sanity


This is where Sanity shines; their free tier is fantastic. Something that isn't mentioned a lot is the ability to pay as you go.

For example, we had a website built for a small business in Nottingham that blew through its 10 GB bandwidth a month because of the sheer amount of traffic. Usually, this would soft-lock the content management system and force you to upgrade.

However, Sanity does not only have a fair use policy that gives you enough time to ensure you've paid, but they also allow you to pay granularly for each of the exceeded plans.


With that said, we only advise using this plan for small side projects and small businesses that are testing out Sanity usage. Because the real meat and potatoes of what makes Sanity incredible show up within the team plan.


One word: Scheduling.

Scheduling is probably the #1 feature request we get as an agency, and with Sanity, they really pushed the envelope with what to expect. Not only do they have the ability to schedule, but they also have a simple interface to schedule in different timezones.

On most other content management systems, this is a nightmare to work with, but for Sanity, it's simple.

On top of this, you get a more generous usage plan. This plan is absolutely perfect for an SME that's trying to scale up, and wants to be able to version with multiple datasets e.g: production, pre-production & dev.

Also with 10 non-admin users this gives you more than enough to be able to cover a small marketing team, content editors and an infinite number of admin uers (think developers, admins, CFO's).


Data retention

You create a document, everything you change in that document stays in revisions. Every time you publish, it's there, waiting for you like within Github. The only difference is, depending on which plan you're on, depends on how long it goes back.



Now we're into the big leagues. This plan is for those websites that are getting absolutely hammered with requests, bandwidth and a whole bunch of documents and assets to match.


Data retention

Unlike the team's version, you have 90 days instead of 30. That's a lot of time. This means you have a belt and braces approach to data. So pretty much any changes you make within a 90-day period will be retained and, with one click, able to be reverted to.


As with most SaaS Enterprise tiers, these differ in pricing and functionality. For example if you are interested in having 20 different user types that have access to only a certain number of documents, you can do that. If you have sudden influxes of millions of users because you post clickbait articles like buzzfeed... You can do that too. Essentially what we are saying is: the enterprise tier is a custom selection of functionality tailored to your use case.

It's well worth getting in touch, because not only are they a friendly bunch of folks that are more than willing to provide solutions, they also have an incredibly fairly priced enterprise platform.

More support

Also what's worth mentioning, is the enterprise can include support from some members of the central team, to address pain points and ensure you're moving forwards as fast as possible.

Having been in many of these meetings ourselves, we can safely say they're incredibly useful, and extensive platform knowledge is top-notch.

Get in touch

Want some advice with plans?

Entering the market for a new content management system is like riding a pogo stick through a minefield, but we're here to help. Get in touch to find out our personal experience of all the different tiers, and some no-nonsense advice as to which suits your use-case best.



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