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Using Sanity and Chat GPT to improve SEO

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February 25, 2023




For reference we wrote this a long time ago. Since then there's been a whole host of updates to Google, most notably the 2023 March Update. I'll give you the cliff notes - treat ChatGPT like MSG. You want to sprinkle a little bit to help you out with the monotonous stuff such as rewording one or two sentences, but if you use it as the majority of your content, you're going to have a heart attack (like pouring MSG by the bucket load).

In other words, probably wouldn't even bother with this article anymore but there are some really nice features of Sanity AI Assistant that might help you.

Using Chat GPT directly in the Sanity studio

A little bit of shameless self-promotion to kick off the blog post. We've recently built a plugin to be able to use Chat GPT directly inside of Sanity. Some of the following tips can be used inside of this. However, some more complicated ones currently aren't available. That being said: watch this space.

Write your first piece of content WITHOUT Chat GPT

Bit of a controversial tip, but this will play into your content creation and SEO later on. You want to write a piece of content with your voice. That means colloquialisms, idiosyncrasies, warts and all. When we say, write with your voice, we really mean it.

We would advise writing something that is your specialist topic because you'll know every last detail about it and incorporate your own charisma with how you pace and write it.

Once you've done this, get ready for a very cool, very eery tip.

Get Chat GPT to write in your voice

No, this isn't a black mirror episode. You can feed in your own article and get the same writing style as the output. For example, let me let Chat GPT take over with the last paragraph as an input prompt to tell you about setting up a Sanity-driven blog. Take it away!


Weird right... Extremely useful if you want to repurpose content for different platforms with similar language styles.

Using Chat GPT to write a decent outline

You might be wondering why we're just using the word decent. Well, there's a good reason, skip ahead and look at the next version of the outline.


Using the AIPRM chrome extension

From this point onwards, you can't do these tips inside of Sanity and need actually to use the Chrome Extension.

This is an absolutely incredible tool to use for Chat GPT. In short, it's a way of chaining more complex commands and creating SEO-focused content far easier. It also has a community section. Which we may have used a couple of times before to generate solid outlines. See below


However, we're not always blown away by the results such as those above, as we prefer to sometimes just go for it when it comes to content structure. So again, use this almost like stabilisers on a bike, rather than as a "one shop solution to writing a blog".

Write me a good blog outline

Okay you've seen the above outline

Any more questions?

Needless to say, we've written some of these FAQ's ourselves (you can tell from the typo's), and some with a healthy dose of Chat GPT. What a great way to harness the power of artificial intelligence for menial tasks... May as well take advantage before the robo-uprising.



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