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We are Vercel experts 🎉

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You know it's not like us to overshare...

So we thought we'd push out a completely shameless self-promotion post telling you all about the fact we're now Vercel Experts.

What does this mean?

Needless to say, before we became experts, we were huge fans of Vercel. But now, we can essentially say we're far tighter than ever before with the Vercel system.

You see, it's been the worlds worst kept secret that we wanted to become experts, and now we are, it doesn't really change anything.

We'll still keep recommending the correct tool for the job (which is 9 times out of 10 Vercel anyway). We'll still continue to demystify: JAMstack, content editing and what actually matters when building a website. The only difference is, we now have far more access to communications with probably the best development team in the world (I don't know if we're allowed to say that).

Why does this matter?

Roboto started out with one goal - "Become the antithesis of stuffy old agencies" - push the envelope, see what's possible and get more companies than ever using the JAMstack.

In the pipeline, we've got some incredible projects to really flex our skills with Next.js, Sanity & Vercel... Did somebody say internalisation?

What next?

Well if you're interested in upgrading your website, or you're searching for the best headless CMS, you'll probably want to get in touch.