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What Sanity Studio v3 means for clients

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November 28, 2022

With Sanity V3 right around the corner, we wanted to break down the changelogs into bite-sized chunks. Help you to understand the why's more so, than the what's.

Embed it in projects

This is a bit of a niche one, but incredibly useful for you if you fit the description. It essentially allows you to embed an editor within the framework of your choice. Where might this be useful? Well, there's already an awesome example here from Jonas at Kickstart DS.

You could skip a whole bunch of work embedding an entire

Vite tooling

You don't need to know too much about what Vite is... However, this utility provides much faster updates as developers work on the project in a local environment. It means that changes that may have taken 5s to see a difference now take roughly about 0.5s, bear in mind, a dev probably makes a change every 5 or so seconds, and this snowballs into shaving potentially days of the output of a total project. Faster = Better.

Better custom component support

Sanity V3 has a far more solid foundation of which to build custom components from. This means when you want to do something such as a custom opening times component. It's far easier and far more straightforward.

This means that combined with the Vite tooling, it should be faster to design, develop and ship brand-new form fields inside your Sanity Desk.

Dark mode

My eyes! It burns


That will be a thing of the past, now we've got dark mode baby! This only probably applies to developers, but anybody that has spent late nights responding to emails, only to be blasted by a sudden bright white screen knows this pain all to well.

Well retina burn is a thing of the past with the new dark mode studio. Every element of the studio has now been converted to support dark mode.


As somebody that works with 10+ Sanity workspaces, we're all too aware of the hopscotch to move from one workspace to another. This quality of life improvement will make it easier to navigate between separate workspaces.

For example, if you have a separate workspace for your app and a separate workspace for your website, you can have a simple dropdown that allows you to switch easily from the desk itself.

Future plugin work

Because of all the above changes, performance, QOL and speed of delivery should increase tenfold. With all this groundwork being added, we are sure there will be an even bigger surge of new plugins, extensibility and easier, better ways to handle structuring your content.

You can read more about our first plugin here

So what are you waiting for, we've migrated a good few projects so far, and it's a simple process (mostly).

If you're having any issues, drop a message across to and we can see if we can help

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