Marketing Manager Intern

About the company

Roboto Studio is a pioneering force based in Shoreditch, London, we pride ourselves on building the very best websites, specializing in cutting-edge Next.js and Sanity solutions. Our team has unparalleled expertise in developing ultra-fast websites with top-tier editing experiences. We are on the lookout for a dynamic and dedicated Intern Marketing Manager to organise our marketing collateral, build our SEO strategy and cut their teeth with designing some of the best case studies.


  • Technical Content Creation: Craft sophisticated and technical content, translating our development team's innovations into compelling narratives.
  • Case Study Development: Generate detailed case studies, curating the necessary collateral to showcase our groundbreaking work. Generate screenshots with Cleanshot, and screen recordings with Screen Studio.
  • SEO Strategy and Management: Develop a deep understanding of SEO strategies and take charge of monitoring and enhancing our online performance.


We don't care about academic qualifications, but we are interested in hunger. We want somebody that wants to prove themselves and that wants to put the effort in to learn anything that they don't know already.



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