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Need a quick move to Sanity? We've nailed hundreds of migrations and know how to scale your content. Let's do this.

Why make the move?

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    Validation: No More Guesswork

    Schema of content laid down on a vibrant wireframe

    Forget the optional field chaos. You can make fields mandatory. No more blank entries or generic defaults. Take control with extensive validation options, less broken builds, more productivity.

  2. 2

    Scalability & Reusability

    Live preview and editor environment

    Sanity lets you reuse content blocks across different pages, making site maintenance a breeze That's not just efficient; it's smart content management. This way you work smarter not harder!

  3. 3

    Live Preview & Multi-Editorial Experiences

    Multiplayer in a glass environment

    Imagine editing together, in real-time, seeing live previews as you go. That's Sanity. Multiple team members can join the editing party, making it a truly collaborative experience.

Breakdown in numbers


Building pages is three faster in-house, boosting efficiency for both devs and content editors


Full block reusability—every content block can be re-used across various document types


Consultancy to assess your site, pinpoint what's working and what's not, and help you scale

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Scandi CornerPharmasealairtimeMinistry of DefenceWarner BrosEidoScapeDiscoveryWilmott DixonSunesisTeckroLivepeerMojoydentityflomarketable

If that doesn't work

Photo of Craig Dewart
Craig Dewart
at My Content Pal

Jono has been a fantastic dev to work with. They have consistently taken my business goals and budget constraints into consideration when working on our projects. Their ability to understand our needs and translate them into effective web solutions has been impressive. Jono's excellent communication and collaboration skills have made the development process smooth and efficient.

Picture of Mattia Fosci
Mattia Fosci
at Yoop

Jono worked with us to develop the UI of our web and phone app and did an excellent job. We asked him to help us with a complex project, and he found a solution to all the challenges we faced. He was quick, reliable and very responsive. Recommended

Photo of Daljit Cheema
Daljit Cheema
at Pharmaseal

Jono brings passion and creativity to website development projects which is a breath of fresh air. His company has helped us to develop our website from an MVP, to a multi-faceted marketing platform with events, blogs, and webinar pages.

Jordan Broadbent - Viking Builder logogram
Jordan Broadbent
at Viking Builder

I had the Team at Robot Studio to create me a webpage for my business, any changes I wanted to make were very easy to action. It was my first time using Sanity, so I had some apprehension, however when I saw how easy it was to quickly generate pages - I was up and running in no-time. Cheers Jono

Photo of Eric Yang
Eric Yang
at Topaz Labs

My best experience with a consulting/contracting company ever. The final result delivered more quickly than expected, with a very high bar for quality. Jono took pains to make sure I understood the implementation completely, but also recommended an opinionated approach that ended up working great. Both the execution of the project and the communication were spot on.

Review without user photo
Joe Campbell
at Swotly

I can't recommend Roboto Studio enough. Jono's knowledge, approach to work, and communication skills are simply unparalleled. His in-depth understanding of Next.js and Sanity streamlined and elevated our web development processes, producing exceptional results that would have likely been unachievable elsewhere.

Paul Cater Profile
Paul Cater
at MBAS Workwear

We have used Roboto Studio for 3x websites. I wouldn’t use anyone else now. A long-term relationship has been developed, and we will work with Jono and his team again soon 👍

Photo of Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown
at Teckro

Jono and his team are absolute rockstars. They blend technical savvy with practical business sense. They are in lock-step with our website goals and have really made our website come to life.

Photo of Hungry Pumpkin cafe
Concetta Citera
at Hungry Pumpkin

We had our website done from Roboto Studio (Jono). Fantastic experience, and we cannot thank Jono enough for making our Hungry Pumpkin cafe shine online. The website's speed is truly impressive, and managing updates is a breeze. Jono's expertise in creating a site that resonates with our cafe's spirit is remarkable.

Picture of Ben Spray
Ben Spray
at We Are Marketable

Awesome developer! Fully recommended, if you ever need a web design or development project in Nottingham. We've worked with him to expand the functionality on the We Are Marketable website, as well as collaborated on a couple of our projects. We'd absolutely recommend him, and we're looking forwards to collaborating in the future.

Photo of Matt Grattage
Matt Grattage
Product Owner
at Mojo Mortgages

We've worked with the Roboto Studio team & they've turned around a lightning-fast set of pages quickly. I couldn't be happier.

Picture of James Ramowski
James Ramowski
at 1st Call Immigration Services

Jono & the Roboto team were incredible to work with. He got us out of a sticky situation with hosting and migrated our Wordpress website over to a fast new Sanity one. Since the move, we haven't had to touch maintenance, and I can easily update the site with new reviews.

Review without user photo
Mike Slack

We used Roboto for our residents association website. Extremely impressed with end result. Also, we used them to host and administer the site. I would have no hesitation in using them again.

Review without user photo
Jaspal Sidhu
at Oolu Insure

Love the website that Robot created for us. As well as being aesthetically pleasing they have sorted out all of our back-end processes too. All in all, I've loved working with them, and they have taught me so so much. I won't hesitate to recommend them to any of my clients because they are super talented and well worth working with.

Photo of Phil Randall
Phil Randall
at Userfy

I've worked closely with Jono at Roboto Studio, The Next.js & Sanity Experts, on several design and build web projects through my experience with them. Jono's expertise and attention to detail have greatly contributed to the success of these projects. Their team's proficiency in Next.js and Sanity CMS has enabled us to create highly functional and visually appealing websites. Working with Roboto Studio has been a seamless and enjoyable experience, with timely project delivery and effective communication throughout. I highly recommend Jono and the Roboto team for any web design and development needs.

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