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We worked with Bespoke Living Bristol to provide them with an ideal website for a startup room letting agency. We decided upon building a simple layout which could then be later used to generate multiple new pages with the client, due to the simplicity of the page builder.

When we introduced them to the rich functionality of the Wordpress CMS, they were amazed by how much could be achieved on top of the platform we built for them.

Why Wordpress?

Although we are a JAMstack based company, the client's requirement for building their website is our first and foremost priority. Wordpress is a content management system, fantastic for budget websites allowing clients to achieve start-up business goals.

Wordpress is suitable for simple websites as it initially started as a blogging platform. The decision to use Wordpress depends on the client's requirements which includes budget, functionality and time-to-live optimisation.

Building in Wordpress was ideal for Bespoke Living Bristol as they wanted a pretty straight forward website in which they could publish new content from anywhere without having to take our help.

Our rooms page in browser with green neon

What we achieved?

We walked the Bespoke Living Bristol team through the process of adding houses, adding staff members and building new pages. We introduced them to the variant page builder through which they could build their own pages from pre-defined templates. We also acquainted them with functionalities such as filter, categorise and tag, to boost their SEO ranking.

In addition, the site is built with a large number of 'set and forget' automated processes which optimise search using rich schema and page performance. This reduces the page load time, creating a lightening fast website.

This is a great example of how powerful a startup build can be as it laid the foundations for continuing to develop the site with new rooms being added by the day.

Wordpress in browser with pop out image


We included a simple functional form, backed up with both email notifications and a simple local backup that they could access at any time. The form is easy to use and highlighted in the home page.

We also added a CRM driven pipeline in the form which allows them to have a better understanding of their client's' interest, automatically pulling through data to their CRM of choice.



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