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Switching Gears with Hosting: Vercel

Bulletproof initially had their website on an AWS server. While powerful, it was like juggling flaming swords—complicated and stressful. We shifted them over to Vercel, giving them a multi-environment, set-and-forget experience. Now, they focus on creativity, not server management.

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Cutting Down the Build Time

The agency's build time was a whopping 30 minutes for every single change. You could make a sandwich, eat it, and still have time left before the build completed. We trimmed it down to 4 minutes without compromising on their animation-heavy site performance. Now, changes are more like a quick coffee break.

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A Global Approach: Simplified Internationalisation

Their original set-up involved building multiple versions of their site for different regions, a logistical nightmare distributed via CDN. We streamlined this. Now, they have a single, location-aware site that caters to a global audience without the mess.

Animation Refinement

Bulletproof had animations that were just a bit too "extra," causing some users to feel motion sickness. We dialed it back while keeping it snazzy, creating a comfortable yet engaging user experience.

Bulletproof's Career page showing potential opportunities within their company

Expanding Creative Freedom with New Blocks

The agency's original site was limited in terms of page creation. We introduced a slew of new blocks, allowing them to craft even more unique and compelling pages. It’s like giving an artist a bigger palette and more colors.

Fine-tuning the Storyblok Experience

We delved into Storyblok, their CMS, to simplify the editing flow and investigate bugs related to content fallbacks. The result? A smoother, more intuitive editorial experience that lets them focus on content, not troubleshooting.



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