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Hungry Pumpkin

E-Commerce Consultancy

Instead of building from scratch, we acted as their e-commerce sherpas. We dove into their existing platform, offering insights on features like one-click checkouts and inventory management. Now, they can focus on their lattes while the e-commerce system works like a charm.

A screenshot of the Hungry Pumpkin e-commerce section of the website

WordPress CMS Consultancy

We didn't just hand over a shiny new WordPress site and call it a day. Our consultancy sessions taught the Hungry Pumpkin team how to update content, add new products, and change layouts like they've been doing it for years.

Hats off to Concetta and the team; we're so proud of their incredible efforts to continuously build and populate pages. So much so that shortly after we built the website, they got a Travellers Choice award... maybe a coincidence... maybe not.

But seriously, they deserve it, congratulations 🎉

Hungry pumpkin getting travellers choice award, with some scribbles

WordPress CMS Consultancy

The cherry on top? Our solid hosting recommendations. We helped them pick a solution that’s fast, reliable, and bang for their buck. No more 3 a.m. downtime nightmares.

Combine this with the near-perfect performance scores with a set-and-forget maintenance plan. We couldn't be happier for the team with their Tripadvisor award, which they sure as hell deserve for every single full-English breakfast to incredible Italian dishes



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