Hungry Pumpkin deli in Nottingham

Hungry Pumpkin


We've known Marco and the team for a long, long time. We've been nipping down to the local Hungry Pumpkin deli since Roboto started, that's why when they were interested in making their first move into the world of web, we jumped at the chance to help them.

Simple, tried & test

We helped them to get setup with Wordpress, because of the ease of use, and simplicity of platform. Setting them up with a barebones installation of Gutenberg and an even simpler theme we made some serious progress in a short space of time, helping them to convert their logo into an SVG, creating a design system to help them keep consistency on their different platforms.

We can't take all the credit, because they did some absolutely incredible work across the board with Instagram, Facebook and constant updates to the website. They managed to setup an e-commerce store to be able to sell authentic Italian goods. With a pretty slick user experience to boot.

Couldn't be happier with Hungry Pumpkin success