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Keogh's Solicitor




We worked with Keoghs Solicitors as a maintenance project, essentially transforming their old website into a modern, SEO optimised platform for conversion. We wanted to focus on diminishing returns, allowing us the free will to guide them on what we considered the largest amount of gain with the least amount of money spent.

Wordpress catchup

We took their current Wordpress solution and added a development environment where we could easily make changes and revert if there were issues. We wanted to essentially make the development process as smooth as possible, allowing for multiple times to feedback before anything went live.

Pay per click

With their new focus being on pay per click, we partnered with We Are Marketable (WAM) to create funnels for conversion. We wanted to work out exactly what the customers wanted from a solicitor consultation and developed the copy, designs and made minor alterations which lead to huge waves of conversions. We tracked the users' entry to the site, following their journey to understand exactly who was converting and why.



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