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We began working with Lungfish Architects, a subsidiary of Scape Group, to maintain their currently built Wordpress website, and continue to update it as the Wordpress CMS evolved. We also maintained their hosting and backup solutions, providing them with a daily backup and snap shots pre and post updates.

Upgrading the host

When we first got in touch with Lungfish, they were paying for hosting facilities that didn't deliver on the requirements, with a much higher price. After analysing their needs of a global distribution network, we solidified a host for them at an incredible rate. We moved them over to a plan that was 30 times cheaper than what they were currently paying, and delivered much faster speeds and a Content Delivery Network to boot.


Cheaper hosting than original


Performance improvement


Saved in one year

Optimisation and tweaks

Upon solving the hosting problem, we moved onto a much larger task of speeding up their entire website. We used a combination of caching, collation techniques and image optimisation to deliver all the content of the site in the fastest way possible. We even worked with marketing agency We Are Marketable to ensure that the promises were delivered on and the metrics reflected that.

Lungfish website browsing mobile optimised

Less to think about

After moving away from the previous hosting, and speeding up the site a tremendous amount, we were left with the task of sustainability. We worked alongside the Lungfish team to extend functionality of the site and to make everything run smoothly. We routed all the forms to appropriate emails and backed up in case of lack of delivery. We kept the plugins automatically updating and the Wordpress core installed up and ready to go.

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