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Mojo Mortgages



The challenge

Mojo Mortgages wanted to refresh their website with a new, friendlier design system implemented as a joint effort with the team at The Bang Co. They wanted to build on top of their currently existing Gatsby.js architecture whilst ensuring performance was in tip-top shape.

We've worked with Roboto Studio team & they've turned around a lightning fast set of pages in a very short time. Couldn't be happier.

Matt G, Product Owner - Mojo Mortgage

The Solution

We were tasked with generating an incredible website landing page in roughly 4 weeks to launch with an existing big announcement. We used their current JSS style frontend code, and focused on simplifying code to enable scalability.

We created 4 separate static pages, targeting market verticals in the mortgage sector. Remortgaging, Fixed-Rate Mortgages, Help to buy & First time buyers. Each of these pages lead to tailor-made flows to cut-out the excess questions and help users find their mortgage joy in no time at all

Two browsers showing different designs on the Gatsby.js website for Mojo Mortgages

The Results

We launched smack on time, with the incredible announcement that they sold the business to RVU (The owners of Uswitch and Immediately they noticed performance gains with the increase of SVG's and well optimised code on the homepage, and went on to further build 4 more subpages with the same style and development process.

Mojo Mortgages acquired by owner of USwitch and Probably to do with our lovely new site



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