Scandi corner furniture built with sustainability in mind

Scandi Corner


We worked with Scandi Corner to build a proof of concept ecommerce store using Shopify. We wanted to essentially focus on the most important aspects of building a brand, whilst hitting the ground running with supplier acquisition.

Logo variations built in Figma


We are strongly opinionated about what works and what doesn't on an ecommerce site. The one aspect that seems to succeed time after time is building out collections, long prior to releasing products. The reason being is the focus is truly on user experience (UX) and by-proxy affects all aspects of the site, whilst driving conversion.

Jono is highly skilled and knowledgeable, sharing and implementing these skills offered a unique and bespoke service.

Dave Blue, CEO Scandi Corner

Scandi corner Shopify homepage in the browser

Blazing fast as always

Finally, once we've helped to build out collections, a brand guideline, we're on to the nitty gritty. How do I make sure my shopify site stays fast? We provided a workshop to help the team at Scandi Corner but for the sake of the case study it boils down to 3 things:

  • Pick a fast theme in the first place
  • Less plugins, faster performance
  • Make sure all images are optimised

There's more to it than above, but these three principles ensure your site is almost always going to smash lighthouse performances, and keep 90+ on all metrics.






Best Practices