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We've always been a fan of Jack from Simply Thrilled's work, whether it's been his constant mismatch quotes on LinkedIn or his Stanley Kubrick-esque commitment to cinematography. Simply Thrilled are a metric driven video agency, pushing brand awareness and getting you viral with rich insights.

Homepage of Webflow website for simply thrilled

A GUI to do everything

What was so interesting about Simply Thrilled was their focus on building a site that can be completely tweaked from the ground up with a GUI (Graphics User Interface). We had a long discussion about previous issues they'd experienced on their Wordpress platform and how we could improve on it with the next site. That's where we decided to settle upon Webflow.

We're blown away with the work they have done, as we wanted to build our site in Webflow (as I've dabbled in it before, and really like the ability to make visual amends myself).

Jack Delaney - CEO, Simply Thrilled

Continuous Development

What this lead to was a completely different development experience between ourselves and Simply Thrilled, where their team actually got involved within the content as it was being structured. We ended up spending a couple of days in the office, working side by side, discovering the full potential of Webflow as we assembled a beautiful agency site, one component at a time.

Screens of the Webflow website built for Simply Thrilled

A little help with brand

As we progressed, we generated a range of assets that Simply Thrilled would later use in the site, to really tie the brand together. We ended up generating a brief design system for them, keeping it functional and keeping it simple, so that when marketing was released, it always had that signature Simply Thrilled charm.

A special shoutout for the passion they put in to optimising the website and ensuring the site as fast as possible through Webflow.

Jack Delaney - CEO, Simply Thrilled



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