Pioneering with Purpose

Teckro, a world-renowned leader in Clinical Trial Management, prides itself on staying ahead of technological curves. Committed to engaging and educating their global clientele, Teckro sought to innovate further. They chose a strategic partnership with Sanity CMS, resulting in a surge in user engagement and lead generation.

Teckro design system using Chakra UI, building fonts, button and checkbox with Figma

Integrating Wistia: A Multimedia Experience

Teckro's integration with Wistia, a platform celebrated for hosting podcasts and videos, allowed them to infuse rich, educational multimedia content directly into the CMS. This creation of a digital hub has provided visitors with irresistible insights into Teckro's solutions, leaving them eager to explore further.

Teckro navy blue colour podcast page with cards

Enhanced Event Management

In harmony with Hubspot forms, Teckro introduced a new document type for events, refining their event management strategy. This strategic shift ensures no opportunity to engage with potential clients is missed.

Revolutionizing Content with Portable Text

Teckro has taken its digital content to new heights by utilizing Portable Text, a unique feature of Sanity CMS. Crafted compelling call-to-actions within their content have informed visitors and prompted them into action, resulting in remarkable conversion rates.

Sanity editorial preview for Teckro

Seamless Lead Capture with Hubspot Forms

Understanding the critical need for efficient lead capture, we assisted Teckro in integrating Hubspot forms directly into Sanity CMS via the Hubspot API. This integration has equipped Teckro with a seamless data collection mechanism, transforming curious visitors into promising leads and providing timely follow-ups.

Teckro hubspot form being used to populate request demo page

On-the-Fly Media Optimization

Our commitment to unparalleled user experience led to the adoption of on-the-fly media optimization with Teckro. This ensures all images are optimized for the best loading speeds, demonstrating respect for visitors' time and enhancing user satisfaction.

Conclusion: Setting New Benchmarks in Clinical Trial Management

Teckro's journey with Sanity CMS reflects the transformative impact of cutting-edge content marketing strategies. As they continue to inspire and establish new excellence standards in the Clinical Trial Management field, Teckro stands as a testament to the power of innovation.

Teckro features page with mobile bento box layout

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