Gatsby.js website for The Bang Co showing a dude doing a wicked kick flip

The Bang Co

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You've probably already read our experiences of working with The Bang Co as part of the integrated Mojo Mortgages team & consultancy. However, we've worked a little more under-the-hood after getting to know them better. We've collaborated with The Bang Co to help them completely refresh and optimise their website with more than just a fresh new lick of paint.

We wanted to provide an entirely native feel by including their incredible After Effects animations, their vibrant colours and chunky aesthetic to reflect their welcoming & down to earth personality.

The Bang Co Gatsby.js website with funky looking illustrations

Getting stuck in

We built The Bang Co's website using Gatsby.js to ensure ultra-fast static site generation. We paired this with a headless content management system called Prismic to allow them to tweak and customise all aspects of the websites. The beauty of Gatsby means that all of this information will be served statically, essentially allowing incredibly complex optimisation, whilst simultaneously outpacing competitors with their lightning fast page render time.

The Bang Co Gatsby.js website with categories and optimised webp, jpg and png images